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CD Cover Artwork | Booklet Layout & Design

A very important aspect in a CD or DVD production is the visual impact: a well designed CD cover must match the style and mood of the music; the title and artist text must be well readable; the graphic artwork must look attractive, be easily identifiable, and stand out among the mass of CD offers available today.

XenoStyle, our professional graphic studio, can create the cover artwork for your CD or DVD package, as well as the layout and design of the CD booklet, inlay card and disk label.

Depending on the amount of CDs produced, high quality photo print (2800 x 1400 dpi – Canon S 800) or traditional 4 color offset print (max 80 lpi) are available.

  • Professional graphic studio facility
  • CD/DVD Cover Artwork | Booklet Layout & Design (cover, booklet, inlay card and disk label)
  • Custom graphic artwork for each project (fully personalized CD/DVD cover, poster, flyers, etc.)
  • High resolution (1200 dpi) true-color scanning of pictures and graphics
  • High quality photo print (2800 x 1400 dpi)
  • 4 color offset film printing (up to 80 lpi) by SONY or HOFA


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