Mixing & Mastering

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Millennia TLC-2 Twin Topolgy Mastering EQ

High-end Mixing & Mastering

The sound character of a production depends not only on the quality of the recording, but can be further refined (and sometimes re-defined) in the mixing and mastering stage. Mixing can bring an already good recording to the next level, and make it shine. Mixing can turn a great recording into a masterpiece, that will awake emotions in the listener and make it unforgettable.

In classical productions the goal is usually to deliver a listening experience as close as possible and as exciting to that of a live performance; this often involves carefully combining many different sound sources to recreate the complexity of the original sound stage. In pop/rock productions, mixing is rather an artistic and creative process, which may involve decisions that influence both the arrangement and the structure of a piece.

Mixing requires the precise control of a lot of sound and effect parameters (including balance, panorama, width, color, depth, dimension, dynamics, etc.) in order to shape, place and combine instruments and voices in the stereo or surround "3D" soundscape. At the same time, the "musical" goals of a mix may include focusing the listener's attention on the most important musical elements, avoiding "clutter", maintaining interest throughout the piece (sometimes introducing little variations in sound or new elements as the track progresses) and, most importantly, giving a personal, distinguished touch to the mix, to make it sound unique, unlike anything else.

We offer high-end mixing (with total recall control surface, 25 touch-sensitive motorfaders, top quality audio plugins and Quested monitors) and mastering with some of the best digital and analogue mastering effects available today (UAD, Manley, Vertigo, KuSh, Elysia, SPL, JDK), using high resolution AD/DA converters (RME Fireface UFX and Lynx Hilo). When required, advanced spectral editing, pitch and time correction are provided to further improve the quality of the performance.

  • Multitrack Editing and Mixing with total recall and automation, 25 touch-sensitive motorfaders, 24 V-Pots, Jog Wheel, etc.
  • Quested VS2108 and Neumann KH120A monitors
  • Digital high-end Mastering with UAD-2 Quad DSP audio cards, UAD, Nomad Factory, PSP, iZotope Waves and Antares plugins
  • Analogue high-end Mastering with KuSh Audio Clariphonic Parallel Equalizer, JDK Audio Dual Channel R22 Compressor, Elysia Xpressor Discrete Class-A Stereo Compressor, SPL Vitalizer mk II, Manley VariMu Limiter, Manley Massive Passive EQ, Vertigo VSC2 Compressor
  • RME Fireface UFX and Lynx Hilo AD/DA converters
  • The master can be available as CD-R, high resolution WAV or DDP image
  • Optional services: pitch and time correction, denoising, declicking, declipping, spectral editing, formant correction, harmonic and stereo enhancement, etc.
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