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Dorothea Porsche Saal, Odeïon Kulturforum (Salzburg, AT)

Choosing the right "sound signature"

Producing different music styles requires a different approach in the recording process as well a different acoustic character for the recording room or hall.

For example, in pop/rock/dance productions the instruments and vocals are usually captured by close-up microphones and often recorded in separate studio rooms, or at separate times (overdubbing). For these styles a rather "dry" acoustic character (with short reverb and high absorption) is often preferred, as it allows better separation between instruments, a punchier sound as well as more freedom in shaping the sound later in the mixing stage.

On the other hand, in classical and jazz productions all instruments and vocals perform together in the same room. The microphones are placed further away and capture also the natural reflections of the recording space. For this reason, in classical and jazz productions the "sound signature" of the recording room or hall contributes significantly to the character and quality of the recording. Last but not least, the performance itself (choice of tempo, articulation, pauses, etc.) is also influenced by the room acoustics (mainly by the room size and the reverberation time).

This is why, especially for larger ensembles and orchestras, there is often no substitute for the dense, lush reverberation and sense of depth typical of large recording spaces, such as concert halls, churches or large studios. Other times, a smaller and more intimate place might fit better for solo, duo or small ensemble recordings.

This is why we like to record not only in the studio, but also in a selection of very different locations, each with their own specific sound signature, using our mobile multitrack recording setup. Among our favorites:

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Gemeindesaal Anif  | Salzburg, AT

14-channel setup for the Wave Marimba Quartet | Photos © 2010 Michele Gaggia


Dorothea Porsche Saal, Odeïon Kulturforum | Salzburg, AT

20-channel setup for the Mozarteumorchester Salzburg | Photos © 2011 Michele Gaggia


Große Universitätsaula, Festspielbezirk | Salzburg, AT

6-channel setup for Albert Anglberger (choir) | Photos © 2012 Michele Gaggia


Sven Schnoor's Cottage | Kirchanschöring, DE

5-channel setup for Tomoko Sato (flute) and Mikiko Yamamoto (piano) | Photos © 2011 Michele Gaggia


Galaxy Studios | Mol, BE

8-channel setup in the Galaxy main hall for Fernando Gonzalez (guitar) and Aäron Wajnberg (piano) | Photos © 2009 Martin Hantich


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